Go! Make Something Happen

GO! Make Something Happen – Seth Godin.

After mentoring few people with their startup, today i would like to share the lessons i have learnt so far about starting a business and doing what you love, in hopes of encouraging you to give a kick-start to something you love.

When you get the determination to start, to start something of your own, to do what you love.

LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES. Keep your eyes and mind open to see what the world wants, what pain points do people have, problems that needs a solution, how can you contribute to the betterment of people using best of your skills. And most importantly what you are good at?

If excitement and eagerness to start is at its level, then you’re onto something. Everytime I’ve gotten the best ideas, i get super excited and impatient to wait to get started. I tell people about it, start dreaming about it and the idea keeps me up all night.

START SMALL. I prefer starting small because of various reasons, 1. Starting big involves big risks to money and time. 2. To start bigger you need big investment, bigger plan infact loads of planning and people, which usually ends up in halfway. Many a times the vision changes. Launching big is a mistake especially for the first timers, it usually takes forever to launch. Bigger launch, you build yourself for failure and your are building without any idea whether people will like it or not, whether it will work as per your plan or not. Moreover launch is just a one moment in the business, just one moment and it will fly away.

START SMALL. Start as small as possible and give access to your product/services to few friends or colleagues for testing and reviews. Then go ahead with few more people. At the end you will have your product tested and ready for market. Not starting is the biggest mistake. While mentoring one of my friend who wished to start a wooden interiors shop. While he was thinking of starting he had many worries:

How to start?

What kind of business to create?

What if it fails?

I told him what will be the worst case – business fails -is not even bad. Even if the business fails, you will learn something, you will have wooden interiors for your home, you can share with your friends and family as a gift. And failure is not suppose to hold you back, You can start again and something new. Remember every startup no matter successful or not gives you valuable learning. Infact, the fun starting doing something you love and learning even in failure is better than not starting at all.

Start writing blogs or newspaper articles, it is the best way to market by giving free information. Show that you are valuable, help people for free, guide them and they will want more from you.

Seo, smm and viral marketing don’t add value for your customer, it only spreads awareness that too to some extent only. Instead be valuable. Build something great and of best quality. People are appreciating quality and excellent services, that is why hospitality industry is booming. Word of mouth is all the marketing you need. Always OVER DELIVER, your customers will love you and you won’t need any advertisement campaigns etc.

START LEAN. When i started, i did it with zero investment. Only after i started making some revenue, i hired, paid for something. Make money by selling fast and as soon as possible.

Beginning with advertisement is a bad business model, instead delight your customers with best of your services and let them do the promotion for you. Give your customer amazing value and they will love to pay for it.

FORGET NUMBERS. Forget future targets, ten thousand sales, millions views on website, 1CR revenues. All this is meaningless and arbitrary.Instead, look how happy your customers are feeling about you. Are they happy? Make your existing audience happy and deliver your promises. Try putting numbers on your successful deliveries and happy customers.

HAPPINESS IS NOW. People keep toiling to reach the goal or hit the launch to find ultimate happiness. they assume that reaching their set target will change their lives but when they do reach, nothing is different at all. The happiness doesn’t come when you reach the goal, the happiness is right now. The joy is in knowing that today you gave your 100% to your dream. Joy and satisfaction come when you are doing it, not when you are done.

NOTHING IS PERFECT. People get into the loop of achieving perfection, in trying to perfect their product, launch, website etc. It is never going to be perfect, instead, get it out there, take feedback, improve, and repeat.

DO HELL WITH PLANNING. Plan, perfection is useless and stand in your way to push you backwards. Surely you need to think things through but planning is based on faulty statistics and information, how can we know the future. Instead, experiment, Get Started. Do. Toil. Then see what happens and improve. Being flexible is wiser and essential than a good plan.

Start from home or with friends. Let your friends be your first customers. Even for my friend with wooden interiors business, you dont need a shop- at least for the start. Show your wooden work to your friends and ask them to be brutally honest. Then let them spread the word to their friends. Now that is a ZERO DOLLAR LAUNCH.

FOCUS on essential things. Don’t get caught in statistics, social media and lots more that doesn’t matter. Instead focus on what matter – producing something that will add value to your customers.

Surround yourself with inspiring people. People whose work you find fascinating and those who inspires you. Positivity and inspiration is what that matters.

NOT KNOWING IS OK. You wont know what will happen with business, the world is changing. You will change. You business will change. You don’t know anything and that’s OK.

Get Started, my friends! TOIL. You’ll Love It.

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